ACF Nitratos S.A is a family business that has been engaged in the production of nitrates from the old nitrate mines located in the Atacama Desert of Chile. It began producing potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate in the Tarapaca Region in 2004 in a crystallization process resulting in nitrate-rich solutions. It also built a prilling tower to supply markets requiring a product that dissolves slowly and runs off easily.

For five generations it has endeavored to imprint a seal of quality and efficiency in its processes and products in the aim of satisfying the most demanding markets at a low cost.

The company has rep offices in several places around the world where large agricultural companies, fertilizer distributors and industrial enterprises can contact .

Our plant now has a capacity to produce 60,000 tons of nitrate per year and it has received environmental approval for that capacity.

Our nitrate products make full use of the richness of the mineral and are produced using solar energy and vanguard technologies. Our nitrate products are comparatively low in cost and leave a low carbon footprint per kilo of product.

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